12 Things Your Husband Needs to Hear Every Day

As a wife, wouldn’t it make you feel good to have a harmonious relationship with your husband? Be able to communicate with your partner and encourage him to open up can help you boost his ego and make him feel good about himself.

If this happens, he will become a better husband and father to both you and the children for sure. A wife should always be there to support her husband as his partner in every endeavor that he wants to do.

This is why it is vital for you to make sure that he frequently hears a few things to ensure a successful day ahead. Below are some of those critical words that your man should be able to listen to every single day to keep him happy and healthy always.

12 Things Your Husband Needs to Hear Every Day

1. Good Morning

The first thing that you need to tell your spouse every day would be a simple “Good Morning.” This simple greeting will start his day right and allow you to show your appreciation for him at the beginning of the day.

2. I Love You

Another set of words that you could tell your husband to lift his spirits would be “I Love You.” While actions may speak louder than words, it is also essential for people to hear that you love them from time to time.

It will lift spirits and give them the strength to get through a rough day especially if their workday has become toxic recently.

These three words will work best if you say it while doing something sweet or affectionate to your life partner. It would be even more special if you do it out of the blue. No special occasions or hidden agendas. Do it as a way of showing appreciation for your husband’s hard work every day.

He will inevitably end up having more energy to work for the family and you as his wife.

3. I’m Sorry

If ever you think you did something wrong, it would be best for you to say sorry right away. This way, you will get to show him that you are regretful about anything that you do wrong and that you’re willing to work on your marriage, even more, to improve it for the better.

4. You Can Do It

It is also vital for husbands to hear the words “You can do it.” Hearing the words will give your husband the confidence that he needs to push through with everything that he does. What more if he hears it every day? He will certainly learn to appreciate you as part of his support system along with your children.

Of course, another way of showing your support would be to make sure that you’re always going to be there for him no matter what. Always be ready to talk about anything and everything. Be present in any special event in his life and career.

Along with the words above, you will undoubtedly make him feel loved if you can make your presence felt like his wife.

5. You Are So Handsome

You should be able to tell him how handsome he is. This holds especially if you have been together for many years now. It will show the husband that you still appreciate him as a man and that you will never look at another even if he already has gray hair or wrinkles.

6. Please and Thank You

You should also say the words please and thank you as regularly as possible. Just because you are husband and wife already, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect to say those words. If you forget to say them, it may seem like you are just taking him for granted.

Always remember to appreciate your husband and everything that he does for the family. You can do this by saying that the critical words above not only when he does something special, but more so during mundane moments in your everyday life as a family.

7. Various Terms of Endearment

You can also call him by many terms of endearment such as sweetheart, honey or baby. These terms of endearment may seem cheesy, but it will strengthen his romantic feelings towards you for sure.

8. Special Greetings

In addition to this, you should also not forget to greet him particularly during special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and any other special family events. These greetings though seemingly insignificant, can show your husband that you remember every special event that you have shared with him and the family through the years.

It will make him grow closer to you and your children for sure.

9. Share Your Feelings

In addition to this, you should not hesitate to say how you feel about him every day. For example, if you feel lucky to have him as your husband, do not be afraid to let him know. Tell him how much you admire him as a man and as a father.

He will certainly appreciate the kind words and learn to strive to become the best husband and father that he still could be in the future.

10. Tell Him the Truth Always

As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy. This holds in any relationship whether it be in marriage, friendship or even as the boyfriend and girlfriend. It is essential that you have truth as part of your daily medium of communication.

This way, you will not have any fears and secrets between each other, and you will be able to fully support your husband in everything that he does without hesitation.

In addition to this, you should also make sure that you can tell him that you will not judge him no matter what he tells you.
Sometimes, the reason why husbands hesitate or refuse to say to their wives anything is that they don’t feel comfortable talking about it.

If you want your husband to tell the truth always, you should make him feel safe and comfortable in doing so. If you are able to do this successfully, you will not have to force the truth out of him anymore. He will eventually do it on his own.

11. Tell Him About Your Day

It would also help you to tell him everything that has happened to you in the past day. It will show him that you also need him as much as he needs you. For a husband, it always feels good to be needed by the people that he loves.

If you can show him that you appreciate his opinion about your day or just the fact that he provides time to listen to your stories, it will go a long way in showing that you truly love your husband.

Should you tell your husband the bad things that happen during your day as well? Yes. This is all part of being honest. You should not underestimate the strength of your husband. Some couples tend to omit certain things that happen to them individually because they don’t want the other one to worry too much about them.

However, they fail to remember that the truth will always come out when you least expect it. This is why it is essential to come out with it right off the bat instead of keeping it a secret and letting it fester. You will inevitably end up making things worse if your husband finds things out from other people.

12. Tell Him What He Needs to Hear Not What He Wants to Hear

Still in the spirit of full disclosure and honesty, as mentioned earlier, you should always tell your husband what he needs to hear and not just what he wants.

For example, if he is asking your opinion about a project that he’s doing, always try to be as honest as possible. This way, he will learn from what you said and hopefully apply any changes that you suggest to make the project even better than it was before.

By being truthful to your husband whenever you answer his questions, he will learn to see himself through your eyes and eventually change any weak points that he may have as a man, a husband, and a father.

In the same vein, you should always tell him if he does something wrong or if you think that he went overboard with his emotions at any time during your marriage. This will make them realize that his actions affect others as well and that he should learn to apologize when necessary.

If you only tell him what he wants to hear, he will never learn to be compassionate towards others and to be humble enough to accept his faults. What is important is to become his constant support in life. You cannot do this if you give him false praise and hope all the time.

This is what you call tough love, and it doesn’t only apply to children. It applies to husbands as well, especially stubborn ones.


These are just some significant things that you should tell him. You should always keep in mind that the two of you are in this relationship together and if you want it to last, you should always be ready to tell him everything that he needs to know no matter how painful it may be.

It will strengthen your relationship as husband and wife and as parents to your children down the line for sure.

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