5 Things Every Boy Needs to Hear From His Dad

As a child, every son has always look forward to spending time with his dad. Whether it be through playing sports or watching the football game.

For me as a child growing up, there are certain things that I’ve always missed about my dad. He would always take me to school and spend time chatting with me every breakfast. Those little moments that we shared definitely made a mark on me.

That being said, before it’s too late, here are five important things that all sons need to hear from their dads.

5 Things Every Boy Needs to Hear From His Dad

1. That They Are Loved

The first things that a child needs to hear from his father are the words “I love you”. Hearing those words is extremely important to a job because it is the very first way for the father to show just how much he cares for his son.

The problem is, being men, fathers tend to be less affectionate towards their sons, so it’s quite difficult for them to say those words. However, they should make it a habit to say to their sons at an early age.

2. The Father’s Pride

A father should be able to express just how proud he is of his son. Fathers should not be embarrassed about expressing their pride in admiration towards their offspring. This is how the son learns to gain confidence in himself primarily because he knows just how much his father believes in him.

3. Happiness

Fathers should not forget to tell their sons just how happy he is to have his family. By doing this, he will show the boy the right way of treating family. That he should always strive to have a happy family life and home as he grows up.

4. The Value of Education

Fathers should always instill the value of education into their sons. By doing this, the boy will be able to learn discipline in a much more constructive way. As a father, you should always strive to show your love for education so that your son will grow up to be as studious as you ever were.

5. The Sound of Your Laughter

Your child should not forget being accustomed to the sound of your laughter. Children are often used to looking up to their fathers as serious authority figures. This is good. However, they should also get to know your funny side.

Do not forget to tell jokes and to be approachable whenever your son wants to talk to you. This way, you will be able to foster open communications with your children no matter what age they may be.

It is also important that they can see you in a not so serious light because it can show them that you can be relatable as well. If they see this, they will not be afraid to talk to you about everything under the sun.

Final Words

These are some of the things that sons should not forget to hear from their fathers. Through these words and actions, you as a father it will be able to show your child that life is worth exploring and living.

These lessons will stay with them even after you’re gone for sure.

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