12 Brilliant Pumping Hacks Every New Mom Needs to Know

Motherhood is a beautiful gift of God to the mothers. The whole world of a new mother is confined to her baby and she is all occupied with babies’ work. It is said that motherhood completes a woman in a true sense. It brings the responsibility of a different kind. Fulfilling these responsibilities is tough, but every mother loves doing it and they wish to have such responsibilities in their lives.

Breastfeeding is one of the major tasks that every new mom does. It is important for the baby to consume breast milk in order to have strong immunity, and of course, it is the food for the babies.

In some cases, if the mothers have to leave for work at the very early age of the child, so she needs to do breast pumping in order to give food for her baby. There are other conditions also in which breast pumping is needed.

It is therefore necessary for all the new moms to know about the best pumping hacks. This article covers these hacks, which can be the requirement of every new mom.

What Is Breast Pumping?

Before knowing the hacks, it is important to know what exactly is breast pumping. It is a process in which women extract milk from their breast in order to feed their children. Sometimes they do it to extract the extra milk from their breast, which can be used later for feeding. 

What Is the Need for Breast Pumping? 

Breast pumping can be beneficial for several reasons, some of which are stated below:

  • You can continue to give milk to your baby for a longer period, even if you have stopped nursing your child. By storing the pumped milk, you can use it whenever it’s required.
  • It helps in boosting the milk supply. Pumping allows you to have milk supply ready for the baby even before they need it.
  • It gives you a kind of freedom. You can go out for work or for any other purpose if you have pumped the milk for the child. So whenever there is the requirement of the milk, anyone can feed the baby, and so you are free for some period of time without any burden or tension of feeding your baby.
  • If you are stuck at someplace where you can not feed your baby, then in that condition you can always use the pumped milk. It is therefore important to carry extra pumped milk whenever you are going out with the baby.
  • Pumping gives you the opportunity to help other children by donating your breast milk to the babies whose mothers cannot breastfeed their babies. The babies whose mothers can not breastfeed them needs to have immunity for which they need breast milk, and by donating the extra milk, you can offer great help to those babies.
  • At times it happens that you cannot secrete enough milk due to several reasons, so at that time the stored milk can be used.

So you can see how important it is to pump breast milk. Therefore every new mom should know about the basic pumping hacks. 

Pumping Hacks that are important for every new mom is listed below.

12 Brilliant Pumping Hacks Every New Mom Needs to Know

1. Pump in the Morning

In the morning the supply is high, so it is important and good to pump during the morning hours. Since in general, you do not nurse the baby during the night as much as you do in the day time. So naturally, the supply of milk in the morning hours is high because of the longer feeding gaps. 

Therefore it is advised to pump in the morning. Another benefit for pumping in the morning is that you can even feed the baby after pumping, and there would be sufficient milk available.

2. Before Feeding the Baby, You Can Pump

Whenever the baby needs to be fed, you can try to pump first and then feed. It will help the baby to get more milk than he/she can otherwise get. 

If you breastfed first and then pump, then you are likely to get less milk as the baby can stimulate to produce more milk. So by pumping before feeding, you will be able to get more milk out, and it may increase the supply of milk production.

3. Pump More Often

It is important to have pump scheduled for every day. Pumping at regular intervals and at the same time every day can increase the amount of milk production.

When you start to pump regularly, then the body gets acquainted with it and thus begins to produce a good amount of milk.

When you are empty after pumping, you can try to pump for a few extra minutes in order to have stimulation for the next pump.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

You should always keep yourself hydrated when you are breastfeeding. Drinking plenty of fluids helps you to prepare your body for pumping. Intake of water also increases the milk production.

Taking a good number of calories and replenishing your calories can make the pumping easier.

You should keep drinking water in short intervals so that you can stay hydrated and thus be fit for pumping always. 

5. Storage of Pump Parts

You should store your pump parts in the fridge instead of washing them after every use. If you do pump multiple times a day, then its is better to keep the parts of the pump in a gallon-sized plastic bag in the refrigerator and wash them once in a day after use instead of washing them every time and again.

6. Pumping Directly into Storage Bags

You can pump directly into the storage bags and eliminate some bottle washing. You can use Lansinoh’s storage bags which fit correctly into the flanges.

This hack makes it easier to transport milk from one place to another without actually acquiring much space.

However, with this hack it is difficult to keep a check on the amount of milk you are pumping if you are a multiple-time pumper. So to avoid this, you can add measurement lines with a Sharpie before you pump so that you know the amount of the milk that you have pumped.

7. Breast Shields Should Fit Properly

In order to maximize the production of milk, you should make sure that your breast shields fit properly. A breast shield that is too large or too small affects the production of breast milk. 

For some woman, the standard sizes that come with the pump just don’t fit. For a perfect fit shield, you need to measure your nipple diameter to get your correct size and buy a suitable shield for you. 

8. Replacing the Pump Parts Time and Again

You should always replace your pump parts in every few months. The pump parts wear out with frequent use, and the milk supply of your breast can be affected if you don’t replace the parts regularly.

The soft parts of the pump like valve membranes and duck valves, need replacements in every month, depending upon the frequency of their usage. 

9. Keep Multiple Sets of Pumps Parts

It is recommended to keep multiple pump parts for best use. Pump parts work best when they are bone dry. So for best results, you need to have dried parts and for this you need to have multiple sets, as a multiple user needs to pump on regular time intervals for which they need the pumping sets frequently.

It is therefore advised to store a spare set in your pump bag for being on a safer side. It can also be helpful in case some membranes or parts get ripped off.

10. Squeeze and Pump Simultaneously

It may appear that pumping alone can do all the work, but this can be made more effective, and you can get some extra drop. Towards the end of every pimping session, you can squeeze the breast in the coordination of the pump. This would help you to get some extra drop of milk.

11. Use of Breast shield funnel

To put the breast milk into the bottle, you can make use of a funnel to avoid the wastage of the milk.

12. Use a Good Quality of the Nursing Bra

You should have a good quality of nursing bra for a hand free pump session. Rather than holding the bottles throughout your pumping session, you can buy a good quality pumping bra that can release your hands and you can use your hands to give massage to your breast in order to encourage the flow of milk at the same time.

We can see how useful it is to pump for the benefits of both the newborn baby as well as the mother. It actually saves time for mothers, and breast milk is always made available to the kids. Motherhood can really be very tough if proper tips are not followed. These breast pumping hacks that are mentioned above makes it easier for the new moms to pump milk very comfortably without any trouble.

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