Preparing for Your Baby’s Arrival: 18 Simple Tips

The two red lines on the pregnancy test card bring so much excitement in a women’s life, because, motherhood is that special! Cascade of thoughts gushes through the mind. The thoughts are regarding a healthy birth and life after that. So here are some points which would help you to get ready for your newborn.

18 Simple Tips to Get Ready for Your Baby’s Arrival

Knowledge About Breastfeeding:

This is the most vital thing that a baby needs after birth. And breastfeeding is not an easy task as it seems to be. Good knowledge would help you do it smoothly. 

  1. Skin to skin contact of the mother and the child helps the baby to latch properly and also increases the prolactin hormone of the mother, which is responsible for milk production.
  2. Plan your diet accordingly during the pregnancy months. A healthy diet and maybe some supplements as per the physician’s prescription would help to produce a sufficient amount of milk.
  3. Mother’s milk is considered as the best nutrition for a baby until 6 months of her age. Therefore, be mentally prepared and determined to exclusively breastfeed your baby for the first 6 months.

Confirm the Delivery Method:

There is vaginal birth and cesarean birth. Plan whichever you want to go through. Though there are cases of unplanned cesarean birth also. However, it’s better to get this sorted in your mind. You can take the decision by:

  1. Talking to your gynecologist.
  2. Getting advice from experienced moms. They should be able to give you tips from their experiences.
  3. Also, it’s advisable to talk to your partner regarding this. Tell your partner what type of birth you want and explain his role during the child’s birth. It’s important for you and your partner to be with the same mindset.

Psychological Preparations:

Everything changes when you become a mother. You can see the world around you changing, and that is exactly what you should be prepared for in your mind.

  1. When you step on a new role, you get some responsibilities added to the existing one. You should be mentally prepared to take up those responsibilities and manage to sail smoothly. Not an easy task though!
  2. Once the newborn arrives, suddenly the focus of your near and dear ones would shift from you to your child. Until yesterday, ones who were concerned about your medicine, your food cravings, necessities, etc. would only be concerned about the child’s well being. This might be disheartening for you. But that is life and you need to cope up with the changes.
  3. Patience is something that you need to grow within yourself. You would need lots of patience and serenity to handle acute situations that may come up post-delivery, which can be regarding your baby, or your deteriorating heath or anything. Prescribed yoga during pregnancy might help you to inculcate this within yourself. 

Be Prepared for the Physical Changes:

Post the child’s birth, there would be too many health issues and physical changes in you. Try to accept them instead of getting irritated, and it will all be well with proper medicines and a healthy diet. 

  1. Vaginal postpartum bleeding, which goes on for a month or two, might be frustrating as you would need to change often. Just keep calm and concentrate on your baby. That time would also pass.
  2. Physically, you would feel sluggish for a few days and if it’s a cesarean birth, the stitches would really hurt for at least a month. Those are the moments when you have to be patient and tell yourself that with time everything is going to get sorted.
  3. Arrange for an extra helping hand if you feel you would not be able to manage everything on your own and do take care of yourself for a speedy recovery.

Financial Preparation:

They say, “Money cannot buy happiness”. However, it is the key element to lead a life. And nowadays, with all the rising expenses, you have to plan your budget well in advance for every big episode of your life.

  1. Keep your medical insurance renewed, so that you can claim your benefits after the childbirth. If it’s not renewed on time, you would not be able to avail the benefits resulting in an unplanned expense.
  2. Get an estimate of the expense from the hospital and then decide where to get the delivery done.
  3. Not only the hospital bills but your day to day expenses would suddenly shoot up owing to the unavoidable requirements of the baby. Hence plan your budget accordingly and keep enough money arranged. 


Apart from the main points those are discussed above, there are few preparations which can also be taken for good.

  1. Arrange your baby’s clothes and other necessary baby items: Buy some new clothes, diapers, feeding bottles, wet wipes, baby food and take them to the hospital and also stock them up at home, so that you do not have to run around once the baby comes home.
  2. Wash your baby’s clothes and keep the house clean: Try to keep the house dust free and clothes clean for the newborn babies. This will keep them away from germs and give them a healthy environment to grow up. If you have a pet at home, try to keep them in a separate room.
  3. Make a room for the baby: Prepare the room as per the baby’s need. A well cleaned, spacious room with very less furniture is what a baby room should look like. Of course, there should also be some space to keep the necessary amenities required by the baby.

Even if you think that everything is well planned before the childbirth, there would definitely be something, that would come as a surprise, and you would have to deal with it in real-time. And that makes the process of childbirth very special for every parent. So, to every mommy-to-be, I would like to say – prepare yourself as much as you can and then just sit back and wait for the day. Don’t overthink or panic. Everything would be fine!

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