How to Survive the First Week with a Newborn: 12 Tips

For every woman, giving birth to a child for the first time is that phase of life that requires utmost care and love. It has been said that women get a new life after becoming a mother. The love and care from her mother nurture the newborn baby soothingly for the rest of life. One thing is having a baby is just over overwhelming in general and especially for the first ones as it flips the whole life upside down.

Some of the things that have made life significantly easier after becoming the mother of a newborn baby are very important to know. A lot of this stuff can cause betterment while handling the infant for the first time. When it is your first time, then taking care of a newborn baby is a big responsibility.

In this article, you will get to know about the problems with solutions faced during the first week of the newborn as well as tips that can be followed to reduce the strangeness of extraordinary situations.

12 Tips for Surviving the First Weeks with a Newborn Baby

1. Skin to Skin Contact

The first few hours after birth is an important time for a mother and a new baby for their bond. Spending time together and skin to skin contact for the first hour of life is especially helpful in making the transitions after the birth’s success for you and your baby. Skin to skin direct contact means the baby’s naked skin comes in contact with the mother’s bare skin.

  • This beautiful contact between a mother and her new little one helps to stabilize the baby’s blood sugars and body temperature.
  • It helps in making the baby’s life more healthy while making the heart rate as well as breathing more stable, and it is very peaceful for the baby.
  • The bond of skin contact makes baby relaxed.
  • Baby’s often becomes happier and healthier when its skin is in contact with his parents.

Skin to skin contact benefits to the mother:

  • This contact helps to gain benefits for the mother’s body.
  • Helps in uterus contraction.
  • Decreases bleeding.
  • Stimulates hormones which are responsible for milk if she is breastfeeding.

2. Breastfeeding

An infant has to be fed only breast milk for the first six months to ensure enduring life ahead. Feeding the newborn requires immediate care and perfect schedule to satisfy your babies hunger. The prime role of the mother is to feed the baby on time.

You need to feed your little one at least 8 to 12 times a day as the babies need to be fed every 2 to 3 hours a day. The basic source of energy, growth and baby’s survival is breast milk. It contains essential nutrients and elements that nurture the baby’s development. 

When the baby is not able to latch the nipple, then bring the baby’s lips nearer to breast until the baby catches it and starts sucking. If you feel breast emptied after feeding, it signifies that the infant’s hunger is satisfied with milk. It may cause problems like soreness in the nipple. Properly satisfying the baby’s hunger on time cause smooth growth of the baby.

3. Sleep-Deprived

Inadequate sleep is the most common problem faced by new mothers. Due to the babies round the clock schedule, mommies tend to lose adequate sleep. Whether it is night or daytime, newly born are much engaging enough to indulge you into them.

So try to sleep, when the baby sleeps. This will certainly help you with proper sleep. Selecting and following a routine of everything will organize your chores easily. First, a few days are full of pain and soreness, which requires help while handling the little star. You will not be able to get actual eight hours sleep, but short naps with an infant will surely reduce your stress level and pain.

The hard work which you perform to handle newborn will make you tired and irritated. Above that, the improper sleep or no sleep at all will make it worse. Few hours of a short nap with baby will boost your energy a bit. Try to lie down and sleep while making the baby sleep.

4. Breastfeed Side-Lying

Babies are hardwired to eat more at night generally the second night after delivery. So while breastfeeding, you should learn how to feed them side lying so that you can relax. That is a great way to rest; mothers can relax because they are not holding the baby, and the bed is holding the baby.

5. Get in Your Groove

While holding the baby, learn your little pattern that works for your baby to sleep easily. As soon as your baby gets deep into sleep, you can also do whatever you want. These grooves can vary from mother to mother because one trick can work for one, but don’t for others.

6. The Relaxing Bath

Bath with lukewarm water can heal the soreness, pain, and tiredness. You can prefer a good bath for making yourself stabilize to face coming happy pains. Any kind of tiredness, pain, and changes in hormones can worsen your mood, so try to take lukewarm water bath to recover from all these.

7. Bring Daddy On

Taking help from you to handle newborn can let you feel less burdened. You can divide time slots and make a schedule to take care of the newborn. Although your infant requires more attention from mother daddy can make them happy and engaged. Whether it is bathing, cuddling, or soothing, his father can master any of these skills to spend most of the time with the small baby.

8. Manage the Visitors

Most of the women are admitted into the hospital for at least one week after the delivery, and it may differ according to the recovering power of an individual. Usually, after delivering a newborn, relatives, close friends, and acquaintances come over to see and congratulate you for it.

But sometimes the visitors can create a problem in your schedule or even various people presence can make you and your baby uncomfortable. So try to manage the visiting hours for yourself and your baby. Already doctors, nurses regularly come in to perform various tests and checkups. Therefore minimum visitors can be entertained for your survival.

9. The Initial Bath

It turns time when the small newborn needs to get his first bath. This moment goes for a sensitive phase while carrying the baby in your hand; everything seems so delicate, slippery and wet. This makes the parents nervous while handling the baby for the first bath. Keeping ever stuffs nearby will let you access it easily.

You need to be calm and composed to bath your star while keeping in mind the umbilical stamp cord to be handled very carefully, a soft sponge bath can help you out. Then gently place your little star in the towel and washing the area need to wash off by washcloth or baby wash products.

10. Labour Recovery

Facing the intense horrifying pain and then delivering the sweetest child on earth, this is what called labor pain. This feeling of pain, as well as happiness, will help you in recovering from the heavy pain. The family member’s presence can heal your soreness and pain. You need to be taken care of by an experienced person.

Unknowingly you went through a childbirth pain but you knowingly you are going to face it as soon as your body regains its power.

11. Soreness in Nipple

The most occurring problem faced by most of the women. Usually, the soreness disappears in a few days after delivery. Your little kid should know how to latch nipples for milk, but you will have to teach your kid to do it so that it doesn’t create any problem for you while feeding.

The sore nipples can be avoided by applying gels, medicines or ointment to put on it at regular intervals under the consultation of your doctor. Air also can heal it. Allowing it to dry after nursing will help to cure it. To make the baby used to it, you should often feed the baby.

12. Vaginal Bleeding

Bleeding through the vagina after delivery can last up to six weeks. You should be prepared for it; the proper amount of sanitary napkins must be available nearby. Periods usually slows down after a few weeks. This may cause heavy bleeding also which may result in irritation, frustration and mood swings.

This regular heavy bleeding with foul smell should be immediately reported to the doctor for further treatment.

Self-care with planning can always heal all the pain and will enhance the happiness of childbirth. Proper planning and care can give you the most amazing feeling of being a mother. The supreme power that created human has made an important human called mother to nurture every child with its love, affection, and dedication. As we all have heard, pain is temporary. Whether it is a week or a month, adequate knowledge with senses can make everything possible.

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