How to Raise a Confident Child: 20 Essential Tips

Growing up in today’s environment is tough. Bullying has been a worldwide issue that affects not only the kids but parents as well. There’s no wonder why the suicidal rate increases every time.

Most children get pressure from social norms and ended up having low self-esteem. Also, the lack of confidence makes it hard for them to perform well academically. It is both a challenge and struggle that most of the kids are currently facing.

Building your child’s self-confidence start by acknowledging their strengths, abilities, and efforts. Giving positive and encouraging words will help them achieve their goals and dreams. Parents should help children to understand that every failure is equal to new learnings.

There are many things you can do as a parent to boost your kids’ confidence. Here are some tips on how to raise a confident child:

20 Essential Tips for Raising Confident Kids

1. Love your Child

Unconditional love is a strong foundation for your child’s confidence. Knowing that they are loved and accepted no matter what is what keeps them moving forward. Let your child feel your love through hugs and kisses, especially when they need them.

2. Acknowledge their Achievements

Praise your child when they achieve their goals. Show how proud you are and give credits to their efforts. However, when they fail, avoid sugar-coating things to make them feel better, they need to realize that failures do not measure their skills and worth.

3. Set Attainable Goals

It’s okay for your child to dream anything they want, but as they grow, you need to help them in setting realistic goals. You have to explain that they can’t get everything they want in life. That way, you can lessen the chance for them to fail and be disappointed.

4. Encourage Self-Love

Teach your child to love themself and accept everything they have, good or bad. This way, they will open for improvements, criticisms, and suggestions. Remind them about the things they should be proud of about themselves to gain such confidence.

5. Accept Challenges and Failures

As early as possible, let your kids know that life is full of challenges. There are times for success and time for hardships, but what they need to learn is to never give up. Let them experience the bad side of life so when they reach the top they will take pride in their accomplishments.

6. Practice Independence

At the end of the day, the only person you can count on is yourself. Try to instill the thought of being independent is an advantage to overcome more obstacles in life with or without any help. It will help them see that there’s nothing scary about being alone but a new adventure to create.

7. Introduce Physical Activities

Being active in sports is a great way for your child to interact with other people. Sports teach kids the endurance, patience, and recognize their strength. A bonus factor to this is they will be in shape and healthy which will allow them to appreciate themself.

8. Support their Passion

Parents’ job is to guide your child to whatever they are passionate about. Given that you have more experience, you can tell them what to do and not do, but that doesn’t give you the right to manipulate their mind to obey whatever you please. They need your support more than anyone else so make sure to express how much you love and care for them.

9. Set Rules and Limitations

Giving the freedom to choose the things they want does not necessarily mean that you are not in charge. Kids must realize that they should follow the rules and limitations because it will help them to be responsible. They might be against how strict you can be but let them know that it’s for their own sake.

10. Teach Leadership and Cooperation

Guiding your child in every step of their way is impossible. A time will come that they need to face things on their own so you need to teach them to take credit for their actions. Children must learn to be compassionate, kind, and confident of others to have a great relationship and cooperation.

11. Give Responsibilities

Assign a specific task or household chore to your child. They feel good that they are contributing something to the family and it boost their self-worth. Also, a study found out that a child who helps in household chores performs well academically.

12. Share your Experiences

Be a role model to your child to help them see that no one is perfect. Share your experiences and explains that everyone has the battle to fight and it’s within ourselves how we can win it. Inspire them to face each problem with confidence and faith that they will overcome anything if they believe in themself.

13. Ask their Opinion

Not because they are young that you take for granted their feelings and opinions. Asking your child about their thoughts can make them feel valued and respected which in return they will do the same to you or other people. You might be surprised that they can give useful ideas that you didn’t even think of.

14. Trust the Process

Remind your child to not look for perfection all the time. It can be used to motivate them but focusing on the result makes them forget the journey they went through. They lose the humility of all the hard works and effort which helped them to be successful.

15. Let them Learn

Trying to help your child every time they experience hardships and difficulties won’t let them learn. It’s normal to feel bad to see them struggling but that will make them stronger, wiser, and better in the future. They have to learn how to be resourceful to enhance their skills and talents.

16. Show Respect to Everyone

You can’t impose your child to respect anyone just because you say so. Kids learn how to treat others by observing others especially their parents. Show respect, kindness, and humbleness so your kids will follow your footsteps.

17. Step out their Comfort Zone

Most of the times, kids want some things that they can only handle and feel satisfied with it. That’s fine, but that mindset only hinders them from growing up and trying new things. Help your child to step out of their comfort zone, with your guidance, show them other things that you feel are appropriate with their age and other factors.

18. Believe in their Capabilities

Always be positive whenever your child feels down and disappointed. Hear them out, let them burst out their emotions, and after that, comfort them with encouraging thoughts. Tell your children that you believe in them and they will get over it by being optimistic.

19. Join their Hobbies

Whether it’s painting, singing, dancing, board games, and any other hobbies, it’s better if you show interest in things they love doing. It makes them feel important and well-loved. If you have time, make sure to share a moment with your child and help them improve with their passion.

20. Be a Confident Parent

Even when you don’t notice, your kids probably stares at you and observes your every move. It’s either they want to be like you or want to learn from you, but whatever the reason, setting a good example is very important. Be confident enough for your child to get inspiration that they can do things that their parents can.

Final Thought:

You might be wondering how to raise a confident child in today’s generation where bullying, shaming, and discrimination occurs everywhere. Yes, it’s hard but not impossible, it may take some time, but with the confidence, you and your child will get there. Just take one step at a time and embrace all the hardships, failures, and learning until you reach success.

Give children responsibilities that will help them to gain confidence. Let them try new things, if they fail, praise them by giving many efforts, and if they succeed, then celebrate. Your kid will surely love the idea of being acknowledged for all the things they have done.

How can your child be confident if you are not confident either? It all starts with you, as a parent, you need to show your kids that the sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities. Practice everything on this list and for sure, you will witness how confident your child has become.

20 Essential Tips for Raising Confident Kids

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