How to Potty Train a Toddler: 8 Tips That Work

As your child grows up, it is essential that he’s able to fend for himself as much as possible. This is why potty training is so significant to do during the formative years. It is one of the most basic needs that the child has to meet on his own as much as possible.

However, for a first-time parent, it may be difficult for you to potty train your child right away. This is why reading our article is quite remarkable. We will help you do this by giving you some tips on how you can potty train your child easily without any delay.

We will also give you some tips on what to look for when it comes to figuring out whether your child is ready for the training or not. Just continue reading to learn more about it.

8 Tips to Remember When Potty Training Your Toddler

1. Figure Out When He’s Ready

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that he or she is ready for the training sessions. You may ask at what age will he be prepared to do so? It may vary depending on three significant things.

  • His interest
  • His physicality
  • His willingness to learn

The moment that he feels interested to learn more about his anatomy and how physical excretions work, he should be ready to potty train any time. Of course, he also has to be physically prepared for this. Just do it at his phase, and you will tell when he can do it.

2. Let Him or Her Watch and Learn

Secondly, do not be afraid to let your child watch and learn from you. This will be a good time for father and son or mother and daughter to bond. Take the opportunity to explain to the child that the basic mechanics of the release.

Furthermore, do not be hesitant to answer all his or her questions and make sure to call his genitalia as it is. Calling it by a different name will imply that his genitalia is embarrassing things to talk about, which it’s not.

3. Let Him Use and Be Familiar with the Equipment

In addition to this, you also have to make sure that he feels comfortable with the equipment. At first, you should buy the right kind of equipment to help him train himself for the real thing. A small lavatory will be safe and comfortable for him to use for sure.

4. Setup a Specific Schedule

The next thing that you need to remember is to set up a training schedule for him to follow. Try to do it before and after meals whenever possible. This way, he is body will become aware of the mechanics, and the movement could be induced effectively during certain times in the day.

It would also help you to take the cue from your child. Look for signs that he or she is feeling the need to release. Touch in himself or herself, feeling uncomfortable all the sudden, being restless and moving around without an apparent reason why.

If you see the signs, chances are your child would be ready to go to the bathroom. Take this opportunity to train him or her.

5. Teach Him the Mechanics of Using the Bathroom

Also, try to remind him to sit first before standing up. For boys, urinating while sitting down first would be more comfortable initially because, at that age, they may not be able to prop themselves up steadily just yet.

To counteract their anxiety, you must always be ready to give them a helping hand whenever possible. Do not leave them alone in the bathroom for long periods. They may end up being scared of the experience and wetting themselves if this happens regularly.

6. Motivate Him with Cool Bathroom Apparel

It would also help your child get motivated if he or she would have some cute underwear to use in the bathroom. If you let him or her wear it all the time, he will look forward to bath time or potty training even more so than before.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure that he or she feels comfortable using the bathroom. Always make her feel safe and secure while using the bathroom even with you around. This way, he will not feel embarrassed to tell us something wrong happens during potty time.

7. Make It a Mother-Daughter and Father-Son Time

It would also help to make sure that each parent handles the child with the same gender. A father should never teach his daughter about her genitalia mainly because they are not the same as his physicality. This does the same for the son and the mother.

The parent with the same gender should handle the child who is similar to them mainly to avoid confusion in the child and awkwardness for the parents.

8. Allow the Child to Feel Comfortable in His or Her Body

In addition to this, you should also let him feel comfortable with his body. Do not be afraid to let him play naked if he wants to. This way, you can teach him how to handle himself if he needs to go to the bathroom all of a sudden.

Just make sure to childproof your training area so that it will not get too wet once he or she starts playing around. You can cover your carpets with plastic or place the child-sized lavatory somewhere that will not quickly get wet.

Final Words

These are just some of the many tips that you should remember when potty training your child. It is essential to keep him safe and to feel secure while doing it. This is because it may become a traumatic experience once a mishap happens during the training sessions.

Always be there to answer all his questions, and you should be able to continue making him feel safe to do what he’s doing in the bathroom.

You should also not show any signs of embarrassment when doing this as well. Do have left the team whenever he tries to go to the bathroom on his own. just encourage him or her and let him do whenever he needs to do.

This way, he will feel safe and protected while in the bathroom, you will also be able to minimize any untoward incidents that might happen in the end.

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