How to Keep Toddler in Bed: 8 Simple Tips

Are you having difficulty putting your kids to sleep and keeping them asleep for hours at a time? Do they keep waking up in the middle of the night thus keeping you up as well? If the answer is yes, then your child may be having a case of the Jack in the Box Syndrome.

If this is the case, you came to the right place. We can give you some tips on how to deal with this particular situation with ease and comfort.

Defining Jack in the Box

However, before we go any further let us first discussed what this condition is and how we can resolve it properly. This particular term refers to a situation wherein the child keeps waking up at night even when you already tucked him in several times.

There are many ways for you to resolve this issue. The next part of the article will deal with some tips on how you can have successfully keep your kids in bed especially during the toddler years.

All you need to do is to follow these specific tips for having a peaceful night’s rest. Here are some of those tips as follows:

8 Simple Tips to Keep Your Child in Bed at Night

1. Make the Bedroom Enticing for the Child

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you keep his bedroom inviting. One of the primary reasons why he keeps waking up in the middle of the night is that he does not feel comfortable in his bedroom.

You have to make sure that he always has clean sheets to sleep on and that his room remains clean and smelling fresh. This way, you will be able to make him stay in bed for hours without waking up in the middle of the night.

2. Find Out the Reason Why

Secondly, you have to figure out why he keeps waking up at night. There are several reasons why this could happen to your child. For example, is he having bad dreams? Is he afraid of the dark? Ask your child why he keeps on waking up in the middle of the night and take it from there.

3. Establish a Fixed Routine

Once you find out the reason and deal with it properly, establish a fixed routine. You have to train the child to rest at a certain point during the night. Assure him that you will always be there for him even at night so that he doesn’t feel afraid to sleep alone.

4. Have Physical Activities During the Day

In addition to this, make sure that he has enough activities every day so that he would feel exhausted enough to see in the evening. Exercise, playing sports and other physical activities will release all his energy in preparation for breast during the evenings.

5. Take Care of His Needs Before Going to Bed at Night and Prevent Any Distractions

Also, allow him to take care of his needs in the bathroom before turning in for the night. These rules and set activities in the evening will help him establish control over his sleeping patterns because his body will adjust to that time frame and slow down accordingly causing him to feel sleepy.

Make sure that he doesn’t have distractions at night. You should turn off all entertainment appliances and gadgets during bedtime. This way, you will be able to ensure that he will focus on getting himself to sleep and not be distracted by his very own gadgets or the television set.

6. Have Open Communication with the Child

The next step that you can take is to make sure that you maintain open communication with him at all times. Make sure that he feels comfortable sleeping in his bed. By having an open discussion with your children, you will be able to make sure that they feel fine transitioning from sleeping with you to sleeping alone.

You can also make it a point to spend time with him at night before he goes to bed. Lay down beside him until he falls asleep then leave afterward. This will help him slowly get used to you not being there at night.

Let the child know that you will be there even at night. This way, he will feel relaxed knowing that he is safe with you at the other side of the door. Additionally, let him know that you will be there tomorrow to play with him again.

By doing this, you will make the child feel safe and secure while he sleeps.

7. Do Not Scare Him or Her into Sleeping

In addition to this, do not try to scare him into sleep. This will only exacerbate the situation and cause the child not to be able to sleep even more. He has to feel relaxed and ready to go into dreamland. He will not be able to do this if he feels haunted by your scary stories before bedtime.

8. Make Sure He Is Ready to Sleep

Another essential thing to take note of is your child’s own readiness to go to sleep. If he or she is not ready to call it a night yet, all your efforts to make him go to bed will be futile. Take a cue from him or her when it comes to going to bed.

I assure you that he or she will get tired eventually and would want you to take him or her to bed right away as soon as he feels so. Let him wind down naturally, and everything else will follow for sure.

The Final Words

With these many tips, you will be able to get your child to bed and make him stay there as long as possible. You should make him see the importance of rest. This way, he will not end up waking up in the middle of the night to play with you as much as he can.

Always be open to him about the importance of sleep. This way, he will realize the reasons why you are still trying to make him sleep even during the day.

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