How To Deal With A Stubborn Child: 10 Effective Ways

If you’re having problems dealing with children that have too much stubbornness in them, this is the right article for you to read. We will gladly give you some effective tips for you to use in dealing with these kinds of situations sooner rather than later.

10 Effective Ways to Deal with a Stubborn Child

1. Do Not Tolerate Them

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that the child understands that you would not tolerate his behavior. If for example, you are in the mall with the child and he wants you to buy him something, but you do not have the budget for it.

Chances are he will end up throwing a fit only because you haven’t given him what he wanted. To deal with this, just ignore him. He will stop once you realize that you won’t pay him any mind.

2. Always Remind Them of Their Limits

The second thing that you need to do if your child seems to have the stubborn streak is to make sure that he knows his limits. You can do this by keeping your word when it comes to discipline. If you say that you are going to take something away from him if he doesn’t stop talking about something or doing something you don’t like, make sure to follow through with what you said.

This way, he will realize just how serious you are about your claims. Hopefully, he will not be as stubborn anymore.

3. Explain

Once he calms down from his episode, then you can proceed to explain to him why you decide to withhold something from him. Explaining to the child why you behave in such a manner can make him see just how badly his behavior affected the situation.

Tell him that he would have gotten what he wanted if he had just asked for it respectfully.

4. Say No

In addition to this, as a parent, you have to learn to say no to him. The reason why most hits are stubborn is that they are used to getting their way. If they realize that they can easily get what they want by just being stubborn, they will eventually change their behavior hopefully into something more appropriate for their age.

5. Don’t Be So Stubborn

It would also help to not be so stubborn yourself. You have to teach your stubborn child the value of patience and striving for what he wants to have in life. The best way to do this has to show him through your own behaviors.

6. Show the Child the Right Way to Behave

Always try to show your child that you are an adult. Strive to be someone who is always willing to give away and be patient with others who do not see your own point of view.

If he is able to look at you that way, then he will find someone to emulate in a positive light.

7. Never Raise Your Voice to the Child

Try not to raise your voice to a stubborn child. Patience is key here. If you raise your voice, there is a tendency that the child will just retaliate by behaving far worse than before. Just keep quiet and let him act out. He will get tired eventually.

8. Distractions

In addition to this, you should surround the stubborn child with something else to occupy his time. Distractions can work to your advantage in such a way that his mind would be the elsewhere and forgets why he was being so stubborn in the first place.

9. Openly Communicate

The next thing that you can do is to make sure that you keep your communication lines open with a child. Be as honest as possible about why you do the things that you do. By being open to your child, you will be able to explain to him in a much more positive way some of the reasons for your behavior.

Once he knows and understands the reasons, it is quite possible that he will not be so stubborn anymore.

10. Find a Way to Channel His Energy

The last thing that you can do to deal with the stubborn child is to make sure that he’s able to channel his energy stored to do something more productive and helpful to you and others. If you can do this, your child will become more understanding of the world around him so much so that he won’t try to get his way anymore.


The main reason why children become so stubborn is that they want attention. If you do not pay them any mind when they throw fits of stubbornness, they will have until you realize that it won’t work.

The important thing here is some find out the cause of their behavior and deal with it head-on. All communication is important when dealing with children. This way, you can build a relationship with them and find that they’re the ones who were telling you why they tend to feel so stubborn most of the time.

The moment they share this with you, you can then go on to find an acceptable solution to the problem for both parties.

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