10 Fun Activities for 2 Year Olds at Home

Having a two-year-old at home can be fun especially if the child is cheerful and quite an entertainer. However, the problem with children is that they can easily get bored when just staying at home. This might lead to tantrums and a generally unhappy disposition which is not good for the child at all.

To prevent this, we have compiled at least 10 fun activities for two-year-olds staying at home. By doing these activities, and you will not only be able to help the children channel their pent up energy, but you will also be able to learn how to handle everyday situations involving a child even just for a few hours.

10 Fun Activities for 2 Year Olds at Home

Here they are as follows.

1. Building Blocks

The first thing that you can do with the child is to help him build blocks. It is at two years old that they are able to understand simple numbers and letters. By helping them build blocks, you will also help them improve their coordination as well as their memory.

2. Playing Their Favorite Game

Secondly, you can play their favorite games with them. Although at two years old, it would be hard for you to communicate with the child still, by asking them what they want to do for the day, you will help them develop their reasoning skills at a very early age.

You can suggest activities to do like singing songs or playing hide and seek to see their reaction. Whichever a game they respond to positively, you play.

3. Dance

Conduct an impromptu dance party with the child. Dancing is a great way for them to develop their motor skills and work out their muscles. You don’t have to teach them complicated moves. Just let them do their thing and enjoy themselves.

4. Line Tracing and Connecting the Dots

By doing this with your children, it will encourage them to learn how to write eventually. Place any object on top of a piece of paper and encourage your children to trace the borders of the object.

5. Color

You can also get some coloring books and do this with your children. It will have them appreciate arts and crafts even more. You will also be able to teach him or her about colors; at least the basic ones. In addition, you can also haven’t identified which color they are using for certain pictures.

It will help them develop their speech and conversational skills as well.

6. Go to the Playground

This is one way for you to promote physical activity and insulating your child. This way, he or she will be able to exercise while keeping it fun and light. It will also be a great opportunity for your two-year-old to meet kids his age.

Perhaps you can set up a play date with his new friends eventually.

7. Run Around the House

On the other hand, if you do not want to leave the house but would still want to add some physical activity in the child’s day, you can chase each other around the house and go through each and every room. Just make sure that you remove hazardous objects out of the child’s way.

8. Play the Counting Game

Another game that you can play with your two-year-old at home is the counting game. Try to count everything that you see. This way, you can help them improve their number skills and prepare them for more complex math problems in the future.

9. Word Games

In connection with this, you can also play word games. For example, ask them where their hair is or any other body part and see if they know what you are referring to. This will certainly occupy their time and keep you busy for about a few minutes.

10. Watch Education Shows on TV or on the Computer

You can also watch educational shows together. From Dora the Explorer to the Classic Sesame Street, you will certainly find that the Elmo will be able to teach your child a thing or two about many interesting subjects.

Just make sure that you watch it together and that the monitor what kinds of shows he watches. This way, you will not end up having to deal with a confused two-year-old.

The Closing Statement

The most important thing to remember when taking care of your two-year-old is that you have to keep it simple. Think of activities that they will enjoy well it helps to develop their latent skills. It’s all about making them happy while educating them.

If you are able to do this, then you will have succeeded in finding the best ways to deal with a two-year-old at the home. You will never regret spending your time with them for sure.

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